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Julia Burzon started Diamonds In The Ruff because she loves helping people understand and communicate with their dogs.

Your home should be a safe place you share with your loved ones, not a place of power-struggles and exasperation.

DITR wants to help clients and their dogs along their journey together. Many issues can be solved once you understand how your dog's experience of the world differs from your own and apply that knowledge with patience and consistency to modify your responses to canine behaviors.


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Our mission


Meet Our Trainers

  Julia K. Burzon

 (Pictured here with Indy—RIP, 1996-2010)

 (Pictured below with Riley, 2014-present)


         B.S. Entomology/Wildlife Conservation, 1994

         M.S. Wildlife Biology, Iowa State University, 1998


    Cyclone Country Kennel Club (Ames, IA), 1997–2000  with Indy

              4 to 6-month Puppy Class

              Beginner Obedience

              AKC Canine Good Citizen awarded

              Advanced-Beginners (AKC Novice)

     Hurd's Hound Haven (Story City, IA) with Indy

               Agility: Levels 1 and 2

In addition, Julie informally taught Indy many other commands, including:
"Enough" = Whatever you're doing, stop that. Applied to barking, licking feet, etc.

"Wait" = If he had run ahead during regular off-leash at the local (enclosed) cross-

    country course, he was to stop and wait until verbally released.

"Street" = Never cross a street without an "OK," even if the handler keeps going

     and no command is given, to resist enticement to cross or even leash tugs.

     This became so ingrained that he was impossible to walk the handler unless    

     the handler knew to "OK" at every curb.

"Close-it" = To push closed open cabinet and other doors.


     Canine Training Assoc. (Davidsonville, MD), Member, with Riley (2014-present)

                   Obedience—Intermediate, 1st Place in Class Final Exam "Trial"

                   Obedience—AKC Novice


      Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Professional Premium Member

      Animal Building Blocks Academy, Professional Member



Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015
Diamonds in the Ruff has provided me with a clear plan to turn my rowdy sweetheart of a mutt into a little gentleman!

Julie made an accurate assessment of our dog pack (family) and we look forward to implementing her training suggestions.

What I most appreciate is her taking on a special project for Nelson, my energetic beagle/Jack Russell mix. We have a large unfenced property in a wooded community. Julie spent ten days training Nelson to our wireless fence system. I can now let him out night our day and know that he won't breach the perimeter despite some pretty significant temptations. This has meant fewer trips to the dog park, which I truly appreciate, now that the weather is cooling. Thank you, Diamonds in the Ruff.

—Alexina Robertson (via Yelp!)


Informed, friendly, and in-depth. She doesn't miss a beat.

Julie is helping us work with an Alaskan Malamute puppy and a 2 year old English Bulldog. She invested a lot of time in her first visit and wasn't rushed. Julie took the time to get to know us and our dogs and we also got to know her. We talked and planned out all the things we wanted to work on. She is very flexible in her schedule and willing to travel to our home. Reasonable prices and she is even available via text-message!
— Bruce J.(via Thumbtack.com)



We have seen improvements with both our dogs and I highly recommend her to anyone!

"Julia helped us a lot with both our dogs. Our older dog became more aggressive when we adopted a puppy. Julia was extremely knowledgeable about a wide variety of techniques that we could use in many different situations (i.e. when visitors enter our home, when individuals and/or dogs pass our home and when we are walking outside with both our dogs and we encounter other dogs or people). Julia takes the time to get to know her clients and is extremely wonderful to work with. She was also very well versed in possible causes/reasons for our dog's aggression and was able to work with us in depth in a variety of locations. She would provide a detailed write-up of each training session so we would have references for our sessions."
— Maria W. (via Thumbtack.com)

Thank you for checking-out DITR!

UPDATE: I am taking a break from training for a bit and so am not accepting any new clients until further notice. Thank you so much for your inquiry.

Q: Now what?! Where do I find a trainer I can trust?

A: Here are some resources & advice on finding the trainer that's right for you and your dog:

Association of Professional Dog Trainers (ADPT) Trainer Search

ADPT suggestions on "How To Choose A Dog Trainer"

Keep in mind that in Maryland (and the rest of the U.S.) ANYONE can hang out a shingle as a dog trainer. There is no particular training required, and no licensing or vetting process. Therefore regardless of the urgency of your situation, take time to carefully select and interview anyone you would have handle your dog.

Trust your gut.
If something doesn't feel right to you, don't let it happen. You are in charge of your and your dog's experience. Are instant results or miraculous change promised in a certain number of sessions? Beware trainers ready to make promises and predict the future with absolute certainty. Know what you want. Any trainer should be happy to explain their chosen methods and equipment in detail. Beware of using force or adding discomfort to cases of aggression &/or fearfulness as well as those who would have you never disagree with your dog's behavior in any way.

Questions? Feel free to give me a call or text and I'll be happy to discuss your case with you and give a 2nd opinion on any training plan.

Observe, learn, understand. Communicate, practice, succeed!

Very happy with the results!

Julia worked three sessions with my 8 month old puppy Turk who has been showing signs of leash aggression. The sessions all took place in my neighborhood and she took her time with every walk! I've learned a lot about correcting his behavior and establishing myself as the "boss". There's certainly been a change in Turk at home, and he improves with every walk that we practice.
— Andrea S. (via Thumbtack.com)


Julie was wonderful with my Poms!

You can tell she definitely enjoyed her work. Very affordable. She is very knowledgeable

& she is really an awesome trainer.

— Jessica L. (via Thumbtack.com)


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Great dog people!

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